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Preview Name Description BPM Code
Awards Ceremony Oscar tinged award style music. 91 CIN001
Code Breaker Double bass and electronic beats with subtle strings. 118 CIN002
Esprit WAV Orchestral track with breakbeat. 128 CIN003
Ghost Town Wild west and desolation are the theme here. 110 CIN004
Hero Orchestral trailer style score. 120 CIN005
Lonely World Moody and dynamic piano melody. 90 CIN006
Lost Garden Mellow and emotional track blending orchestra with modern beats. 70 CIN007
The Father Emotionally charged orchestral track. 65 CIN008
Vital Sign Distorted guitar opens with strings builds to a beat and more orchestration. 100 CIN009
A dark cinematic score.
- CIN010
High Seas
Short dramatic orchestral cue.
- CIN011
Access Denied Jungle type bells with synths. - CIN012
All That Remains Soft slow piano keys. - CIN013
Watching Waiting Soft drone. - CIN014
Buried Secrets Horn drone synths with slow piano keys - CIN015
Enemy in Disguise Mysterious panned beats - CIN016
Espionage Slow drone - CIN017
Fear Evil feel with increasing drums - CIN018
Just Another Day Uplifting piano and violin - CIN019
Sorrow Warm violin with travelling piano. - CIN020
The Strategy Fast violin with sythn beat and wooshes. - CIN021
The Vanishing Mysterious synth piano and drone. - CIN022
Tribal Tribal drums and random scores. - CIN023
Under Siege Trumpets with drum rolls and hits. - CIN024
Unseen Stranger Mysterious sythns with gongs. - CIN025
Apocalyptic Blue Slow beat with soaring synths. - CIN026
Behind the Door Erie drones. - CIN027
Brave New World Indian flutes with tribal beat. - CIN028
Cellar Door Mid-tempo beat with faint drones - CIN029
Discoveries Earthy drones with bongo beat - CIN030
Ethereal Big drums with choir drones throughout - CIN031
Fire Night Flute with tribal drums and shaker - CIN032
In the Dreamtime Rolling cymbals and rain drop synths - CIN033
Journey Begins Long drone with uplifting piano - CIN034
Knight Returns Female choir effect with drums - CIN035
Lost Horizon Acoustic guitar with drone - CIN036
Mornign View Uplifting score with rolling drums - CIN037
Night Sky Increasing drone - CIN038
Survive the Night Chimes with sfx and drone - CIN039
The Dark Side Uptempo beat with drone - CIN040
The Fallen Big movie type ending scene - CIN041
Relics Violin journey - CIN042
Slipping Away Uplifting beat with choir synths - CIN043


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