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United Kingdom

Female Age Description


Corporate Telephone
UK Talent 1 20+ Bright Retail
UK Talent 2 20+ Mature Soft & Smooth
UK Talent 3 40+ Professional Warm
UK Talent 4 30+ Bright Retail & Charactor
UK Talent 5 30+ Versatile Friendly
UK Talent 6 40+ Corporate and fun style
UK Talent 7 30+ Classy Professional Retail
UK Talent 8 30+ Mature Smooth
UK Talent 9 20+ Bright and Professional
UK Talent 10 30+ Mature Professional
UK Talent 11 30+ Retail Upbeat Smooth
UK Talent 12 30+ Mature Professional
UK Talent 13 30+ Bright Upbeat
UK Talent 14 30+ Mature Corporate


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