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Chill Out

Preview Name Description BPM Code
Beach R'n'B beat with soothing electric guitar lead part. 90 CHI001
Cappuccunio Bongos and sweeping pads open the song then builds with drums and guitar. 160 CHI002
Chill Pill Funky chilled out vibe with Rhodes keyboards and laid back beats. 102 CHI003
Crystal Modern chill out track with a mellow synth lead 120 CHI004
Drifting Simple bass line and beat with a nice guitar melody. 96 CHI005
Hideaway Subtle chill out track. 82 CHI006
Horizons Cool and funky chill out. 90 CHI007
Interior Life Cool keyboards and spacious sounds, has the interior designer feel to it.. 95 CHI008
Internal Affair Ultra cool chill out track. 80 CHI009
Lucky Charm Chilled out acoustic guitars and bass. 115 CHI010
Mind the Gap A sad sound with a piano melody throughout and a plush string arrangement. 90 CHI011
Minor Ursa Emotional piano melodies and sweeping synths, lots of space. 90 CHI012
New Beginning Emotional piano led track. 97 CHI013
Poison Arrow Melancholy keyboard riff with a large beat sound kicking in. 111 CHI014
Secret Place A slick bass line and acoustic guitars build this relaxing ambient chill out track. 75 CHI015
Chillout Big beat with water and flute sounds. - CHI016
Jigsaw World Mysterious native influenced beats. - CHI017
Mystical Wavey synth with building beat and intesity. - CHI018
Splendour Easy paced temp and light bass. - CHI019
Jazzy Vibes
Jazzy trumpet melody with a modern beat.
134 CHI020
Light The Way
Chill out track, Zero 7 style.
76 CHI021
Afterglow Easy going acoustic guitar and drums. 85 CHI022
Breathe Cruisy electronic flow. - CHI023
Cafe Capri Piano bass chill. - CHI024
Deep Chill Upbeat synth. - CHI025
Escape Relaxed synth with small piano - CHI026
Venus Isle Acoustic guitar. - CHI027
Easy Ride Chilled out bass with piano. - CHI028
Grace Positive synth, small choir. - CHI029
Lost Angels Synth choir with high EQ beat. - CHI030
Lost in a Moment Travelling rythm. - CHI031
Peaceful Now Big piano synth, mysterious type beat - CHI032
Smoke Voyer feel with jazzy trumpet - CHI033
Summer Daze Acoustic guitar with small beat - CHI034
Sunset Dreaming Uplifting postive guitar - CHI035
The Same Moon Slow beat with soothing guitar - CHI036


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