VOICE ARTIST BIO - Male Voice Artist 1

About Me:   I guess I would've started back in 1879....sorry 1979! Feels a bit like that sometimes!

It was part of my probation order!! Ha tricked ya! I started in commercial radio at the age of 16 and a little bit. Back then I was told 'if you're good enough to go on air, you're good enough to do commercials' It was pretty scarey stuff at first and it took a while to get used to hearing my own voice back through the speakers and thinking '....do I really sound like that?' I'm kinda used to it now.....it's taken a while though!

Achievements:   The biggest client I've done voiceovers for would probably be Bunnings Warehouse. My in-house voice overs have been used in every state and territory across Australia.....and still are today to some degree I believe!
Voice Skills:   I recall receiving a 'highly commended' award at the commercial radio "Goldies" held in Brisbane quite some time ago for some of my character voices. That was fun!
Age Range:   35+
Turn Around Time:   Most times overnight.